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protip don’t think about the future when
in a long distance relationship it’s scary and you’ll probably cry and then express your concerns to your partner and upset them too it’s a cycle of sad uncertainty and I do not recommend it


There are millions of women world wide who are denied education and reproductive health care and legislative agency on the basis of their womanhood, and yet there are still white women with the audacity to say that feminism is unnecessary because ‘they have all the rights they need’

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ive got to start dealing with my issues instead of just thinking about them and ignoring them but I need to figure out exactly what I hate about myself first and just starting is making me want to throw up and oh man my self image has been shit since results day and all I really need is an on-call friend to hug me when I get panicky and tell me everything is ok and ideally that would be marcus but obvs he’ll be three hours away soon and very much living his own exciting life at uni I’m not sure what I need but it’s not this overwhelming dread every time I think about college because I sort of need to get an education because it’s all I know how to do



can you believe that there are legal nipples and illegal nipples

That’s it, that’s actually it.

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